Top 20 Colleges With The Most Attractive Females

Colleges With The Most Attractive Females

While academic standing, tuition prices, and faculty reputation are significant factors influencing high school students’ college choices, there are other considerations beyond the caliber of instruction and expertise. Some students, particularly young men interested in higher education, may prioritize factors like Colleges With The Most Attractive Females. In some cases, students may even seek assistance from custom essay writers.

Beauty is a phenomenon that transcends language and defies adequate description. For those attending college, the presence of aesthetically pleasing individuals can serve as a source of inspiration, leading to the creation of poetry and love songs that express deep admiration for the magnificent creations of God.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible for humans to gauge and rank the attractiveness of college females accurately, we’ve compiled a list of 20 colleges with a reputation for having aesthetically appealing women. You can find links to their official websites below.


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The University of Phoenix-Arizona, situated in Tempe, boasts a male-to-female ratio of 31.3%, with women constituting 68.7% of the student population. As a result, it holds the distinction of having the highest guy-to-girl ratio among colleges.

Though, it’s worth noting that many colleges take gender representation into account during the admission process to ensure a balanced and inclusive student body, acknowledging the importance of both genders on campus.

List Of 20 Colleges With The Most Attractive Females

In the United States, discovering colleges with attractive female students is a relatively straightforward task. We have meticulously narrowed down our search to identify 20 institutions that are renowned for having particularly appealing women:

1. University of Florida

University of Florida

The University of Florida (UF) is recognized as one of the colleges with attractive female students. While being a student in Florida offers fantastic experiences, the appeal of the student body at UF adds an extra dimension.

UF boasts an impressive array of women’s sports teams, with notable success in softball, securing national championships in the past two years. Beyond their exceptional athletic prowess, UF’s female students also demonstrate academic excellence, with a requirement of a GPA of 4.3 or above to proudly wear the university’s orange and blue colors. For the 3,500 women involved in sororities, Greek life at UF extends beyond mere enjoyment.

Participating in charitable endeavors, such as the Dance Marathon, which stands as one of the Southeast’s most popular student-run charitable activities, showcases the multifaceted engagement of UF’s female student body. As affirmed by a graduate student at UF, Jed Holster, there is a consensus that UF boasts some of the most attractive women without a doubt.

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2. University of Miami, Ohio

University of Miami, Ohio


Despite Ohio’s limited annual sunny days at 181, not always conducive to bikini weather, Miami University stands out for its girls who fully embrace the warmth.

Evidently, Miami University is recognized as one of the colleges boasting particularly attractive women. The synchronized skating team at Miami University has achieved an impressive 12 consecutive titles and a total of 18 championships.

Adding to their appeal, the 18 sorority sisters of Miami Greek life actively participate in the Community Advancement program. This initiative assists sororities and fraternities in upholding the five pillars of sorority and fraternity life.

Miami’s female students not only possess attractiveness but also actively contribute to their community. The university organized an event aimed at inspiring local high school girls to pursue careers in STEM fields, showcasing a commitment to both community engagement and intelligence. With beauty, intelligence, and community involvement, Miami University girls certainly leave a lasting impression.

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3. University of California, Los Angeles

University of California girl

This particular university unquestionably stands out for having exceptionally attractive women. When Katy Perry praised the memorability of California females, she accurately captured the essence of this college.

With a remarkable 284 days of sunlight each year and the addition of a new beach volleyball team, UCLA’s female students radiate both literally and figuratively. The campus atmosphere is often characterized by the ubiquitous presence of daisy dukes paired with bikinis.

Following their exertions in securing NCAA Championships, a feat UCLA has accomplished more times than any other institution nationwide, these women transition seamlessly from sports to academics, applying themselves diligently to their studies.

In UCLA’s law school, the gender balance leans in favor of women, and the average GPA required for admission is an impressive 4.18. This academic prowess aligns with the university’s commitment to giving back to the community, exemplified by the 14 sororities actively contributing to the neighborhood that embraced them, considering the challenges of gaining admission.

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4. University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida girl

The UCF campus is home to numerous striking and attractive women. With a student population exceeding 60,000 and a generous 233 sunny days annually, the grounds are bustling with countless appealing girls sporting short shorts. As the second-largest university in the nation, UCF boasts a diverse array of girl styles.

According to Joey Flores, a junior at UCF, the university attracts a wide range of female styles, from those with a country flair to those embodying a city aesthetic. UCF girls are actively engaged in community service, balancing their time between strolling down Main Street, USA, and contributing to charitable endeavors.

An example of their community involvement is evident in UCF Greek Life’s initiative, “Trick or Treat on Greek Street.” Rather than engaging in wild Halloween parties, children from the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida had the opportunity to trick-or-treat at the fraternity and sorority houses, showcasing UCF’s commitment to community engagement and responsible social activities.

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5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University girl

Arizona State University, in addition to enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine annually, is home to 13 NCAA champion female athletes who are not only recognized for their physical prowess but also for their remarkable advocacy work. Their notable accomplishments were featured in a local newspaper last year, shedding light on their persistent dedication beyond just their physical attractiveness.

These exceptional women have extended their impact globally, engaging in philanthropic efforts such as assisting the needy in Syria and contributing to the establishment of a hydraulics lab in Kenya. Despite their extraordinary volunteerism, they remain dedicated to their academic pursuits, showcasing a commitment to both community service and scholarly achievements.

Highlighting the intellectual prowess of the female student body, the total sorority GPA at Arizona State University in 2014 surpassed the overall female GPA. This dispels stereotypes associated with social groups often linked to party scenes, emphasizing that intelligence is prevalent even in contexts traditionally associated with social gatherings. The women at Arizona State University are depicted as potential CEOs, emphasizing their capacity for leadership rather than being solely characterized as potential life partners.

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6. Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University girl

The significance of first impressions is well understood by TCU girls, acknowledging the rarity of second chances. Olivia Caridi, an undergraduate student at TCU, notably caught the attention of Ben Higgins on the first day of The Bachelor, earning the first-impression rose despite not ultimately receiving the ring or his heart.

TCU is recognized as one of the colleges boasting particularly attractive women. The female students at TCU are diligent in making a positive first impression wherever they find themselves.

While there isn’t a specified GPA requirement for admission, TCU students typically rank among the top 13 percent of their high school graduating class, emphasizing the academic caliber of the student body.

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7. University of Miami, Florida

University of Miami, Florida girl


Recently, the eight sororities at the University of Miami joined forces with the DG girls to fundraise for the construction of a school in Africa. According to student Adrian Rodriguez, when considering educational institutions, the University of Miami stands out for attracting a significant number of attractive women.

The University of Miami is acknowledged as a college with particularly appealing women. Offering rowing as a women’s water sport, UM takes this activity seriously, reflected in the demanding practice program that engages every muscle in the participants’ bodies.

Taking advantage of the abundant sunshine, with 249 sunny days annually, these women at UM manage to enjoy the pleasant climate while diligently attending their classes. Furthermore, the university maintains a high academic standard, as evidenced by the startling average GPA of 4.3 for new first-year students.

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8. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley girl

UC Berkeley stands out as one of the exceptional colleges known for having particularly attractive women. The beauty of the student body at UC Berkeley mirrors the aesthetic appeal of the university itself. These women invest significant effort in maintaining an impressive 4.37 GPA, a noteworthy achievement given the university’s highly selective 16.9% acceptance rate.

Despite having a relatively modest number of around 13 sororities, UC Berkeley prioritizes vigilance against hazing and sexual assault. This is achieved by publicly displaying gold star and flagged groups online, contributing to a safer environment for women on campus. The emphasis on security adds another layer of appeal.

Doubts about the dedication to ideal sororities are dispelled when looking at the Sigma Kappa Chapter. This particular group has demonstrated a commitment to various charitable causes, including environmental initiatives, support for underprivileged children, and fundraising for Alzheimer’s patients.

The women at UC Berkeley not only excel in sports, participating in 16 different women’s sports teams to maintain their physical fitness, but also showcase their charitable endeavors and intelligence, making them captivating subjects for daydreams.

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9. University of Southern California

University of Southern California student

The University of Southern California (USC) is renowned for its attractive and sun-kissed women, who have also clinched an impressive 26 national championships. These women showcase their physical prowess not only on the surf squad and the new beach volleyball team but also in the classroom, with the women’s soccer team earning the best athletic GPA.

Benefiting from the abundance of sand and enjoying 284 days of sunshine per year, USC’s female students effortlessly balance their athletic commitments with academic excellence. However, their appeal extends beyond beauty and athleticism. Despite being brainy and strong, USC’s women actively engage in Greek life, collectively contributing around 32,000 hours of volunteer work in 2013 and 2014.

The Helene’s, the oldest female organization on campus, exemplify a big heart by offering food and medical exams to homeless women in the area. Despite their striking appearance, these women at USC capture attention not just for their looks but also for their intelligence and dedication to community service.

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10. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University student

The women at Pepperdine University are well-acquainted with the pleasures of sunshine and a strong athletic culture. Nestled in Malibu, California, these Pepperdine girls bask in the glory of 281 sunny days, providing ample opportunities to enjoy the beach and soak up the sun with their stunning peers.

Beyond the campus, Pepperdine women have demonstrated their athletic prowess on a global stage, even at the Olympics. Notably, Dain Blanton secured a gold medal in beach volleyball at the 2000 Olympic Games, while students Sarah Attar and Roxanne Barker competed in the 2012 Olympics.

In addition to their athletic achievements, Pepperdine women exhibit a charitable spirit. The Tri Delta chapter at Pepperdine committed to raising $15 million in five years, building on their earlier donation of $10 million to St. Jude’s within just two years. Impressively, they surpassed their target in 3.5 years, showcasing their dedication to philanthropy. You might even find yourself participating in one of their upcoming charitable events.

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11. East Carolina College

East Carolina College student

East Carolina University is recognized as one of the most vibrant and exciting universities globally, earning a spot among the colleges with particularly attractive women.

Known for its legendary party scene, East Carolina University hosts what is hailed as the best Halloween party in human history. The campus comes alive in October, with the Pirates considering Halloween weekend to be a highlight, drawing even alums back to partake in the festivities.

Remarkably, East Carolina University has produced alumnae who stand out for their beauty and achievements. Notable among them are a Miss USA winner and a Bachelor competition winner, adding to the university’s allure and contributing to its reputation for having stunning and accomplished women.

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12. University of Alabama

University of Alabama student

The University of Alabama campus is characterized by its rich history, fervent football culture, lively party scene, and a strong sense of school spirit. With a campus so extensive that it resembles a city, a pervasive feeling of community permeates every corner.

Alabama boasts one of the most meticulously maintained and stunning campuses, drawing alumni back to actively support the institution. The sense of community is palpable, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for both current students and returning graduates.

Diversity is reflected in the student body composition, with a higher proportion of female students at 55% compared to 45% male students. The campus is alive with female students engaging in various activities throughout the week. A particularly popular event is Wine Wednesday, allowing female students to enter for free with their student IDs and indulge in as much wine as they desire, becoming a cherished tradition on campus.

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13. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University students

Prepare to discover the origin of the nickname “Happy Valley” for the college town near Penn State. The presence of compassionate, wise, and stunningly attractive women strolling casually around makes it impossible not to feel uplifted. The female students at Penn State University (PSU) showcase exceptional athletic prowess.

Notably, Teniya Page, a guard on the women’s basketball team, received recognition as an honorable mention for the WBCA Coaches’ All-America team. Since 2014, Sandy Barbour, a strong and talented woman, has held a prominent role overseeing Penn State’s athletics.

Beyond their athletic achievements, Penn State’s female students demonstrate remarkable compassion and drive. They actively engage in philanthropic and career development activities with a level of commitment that seems life-defining. Regular activities include resumé workshops, Straight Talks, self-defense classes, and Women’s Empowerment Week, reflecting their dedication to personal and professional growth.

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14. Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University students

While it’s essential to specify the minimum GPA required for admission to Texas Christian University (TCU), it’s crucial not to be misled by this criterion.

The female students at TCU not only meet the academic requirements but also boast an attractive presence, with a significant number graduating in the top 10 percent of their high school classes. These qualities have the potential to turn any guy into a Horned Frogs fan given the opportunity.

Remarkably, TCU proudly holds a spot on our list of colleges with the most attractive women. One notable perk for TCU students is the annual free concert, featuring amazing, well-known, and skilled performers. This event provides a unique opportunity for individuals who enjoy engaging in small talk with women at concerts and is not to be missed.

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15. Howard University

Howard University student

Howard University, an HBCU, is characterized by its elegance, class, personality, and diversity. Beginning with their fashion choices, both male and female students at Howard University exhibit good looks. Fashion holds considerable importance in Howard society, contributing to the overall trendiness of most students.

A key attraction of Howard University is its diverse student body, which is one of the defining features of the institution. Comprising students from around the world, the campus, classes, and accessible student clubs collectively create an environment that offers a semblance of a global experience.

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16. Colgate University

Colgate University student

A significant number of Colgate University’s female students are characterized as polished, preppy, and generally possessing superb looks. Furthermore, the students at Colgate are known for being well-rounded, actively participating in various aspects of school life. While they put substantial effort into their academic pursuits, they also dedicate themselves to maintaining an active social life.

Colgate University is recognized as an institution that values both hard work and enjoyment. Students at Colgate find a balance between their academic commitments and social activities, with studying and attending parties being common ways they choose to spend their free time.

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17. Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University girls

This institution boasts an abundance of attractive women, all of whom are notably beautiful, placing it among the top colleges with the most attractive girls. Establishing friendships is a straightforward process, and everyone takes care to dress impressively.

Vanderbilt University (Vandy) is home to a diverse student body, although a predominant preppy and attractive style is observed among both girls and guys. The campus attracts many northerners who bring their distinctive fashion sense, often featuring cowboy boots, pink polos, and Sperry shoes.

While there may be a prevailing “Vandy Girl” stereotype, it’s essential to note that both fraternities and sororities include individuals who are intelligent. Overall, the atmosphere is marked by friendliness, with both fratty lads and girls contributing to a welcoming environment.

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18. University of Virginia

University of Virginia girl

The atmosphere in this place is characterized by extreme friendliness and liveliness. Individuals successfully manage a multitude of commitments, balancing social activities and academic performance effectively.

While the motto “work hard, play hard” is prevalent, there is also a significant presence of Type B personalities. It’s important not to be swayed by preconceptions about everyone being preppy or elitist, as the community is diverse, with a majority being friendly.

The University of Virginia (UVA) is home to many incredibly attractive girls. Despite its reputation for producing arrogant individuals, this stereotype is surprisingly not accurate. People at UVA are not unkind simply because they are exceptionally attractive; instead, the majority are approachable and down-to-earth.

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19. Chapman University

Chapman University girls


Chapman University stands out as a college renowned for having particularly attractive women, situated on a picturesque campus in the charming city of Orange, California, known for its abundance of stunning college females.

With approximately 5,000 undergraduate students, Chapman University enjoys proximity to notable attractions such as Los Angeles, Disneyland, and the beach. Academically, the institution is well-regarded for its strength.

In surveys, Chapman University consistently receives high ratings for its campus, weather, and academic offerings. However, it receives less favorable ratings for on-campus housing and athletics, a pattern that aligns with expectations.

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20. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University girls

BYU is recognized as a college with particularly attractive women. The majority of the female students at BYU are characterized as intelligent, attractive, and well-groomed. The overall atmosphere is one of openness to having fun and making new friends.

The institution attracts some of the best individuals globally, with many bright students in the vicinity. Friendliness is a prevalent trait among the community at BYU, making it an enjoyable place for those who appreciate nice, wholesome fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which field is dominated by Females?

A: In certain field, women constitute the majority of the workforce, including fields such as education, child care, healthcare, nursing, social services, and pharmaceuticals. The proportion of female workers in childcare services can be as high as 94% and 92%, respectively.

Q: Which degrees show statistically significant gender differences?

A: Nursing exhibits a significant gender disparity, with 22,285 more female students than males, resulting in a ratio of nine to one in favor of women. The second-largest gender gap is observed in psychology, followed by social work, education, and design. Furthermore, women demonstrate higher academic performance than men in disciplines such as history, philosophy, English, law, and biology.

Q: Which gender has the lowest percentage?

A: Hong Kong holds the record for the lowest gender ratio at 84.48, followed by Martinique at 85.01. Guadeloupe, Nepal, and Curaçao occupy the third through fifth positions in the rankings, respectively.

Q: Which gender has a higher IQ on average?

A: Recent studies indicate that men tend to have an IQ advantage of 3-5 points over women. However, the fundamental evolutionary question remains “why would men evolve to possess higher intelligence than women”.

Final Say

This article on the colleges with the most attractive females has come to an end. The described colleges are home to intelligent and visionary young women who also possess remarkable beauty. Also know that these women are friendly and enjoyable to engage in conversations with.

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